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Foot Locker

Tune The Tuned

The brief was to produce a digital activation to generate buzz around the 20th anniversary of the iconic Nike Tn sneaker and four exclusive colourways dropping in Foot Locker stores.


Affectionately known as the ' Nike Tuned', the Tn's aggressive styling has always made it the sneaker for those wanting to show off their bold style.


In response to the brief we developed Tune The Tuned, an online design tool for sneakerheads to show off their individual bold style using the iconic Tn silhouette as a blank canvas.


Tune The Tuned presented fans with a virtual 3D Tn sneaker they could fully customise using a slick, intuitive interface. They got to name their design and share it on Instagram using the hashtag #tunethetuned for a chance to win one of the exclusive drops and ultimately – the grand prize – their own design brought to life by Aussie sneaker customiser, Gyst for Kickz.

The Results:

Over 24,000 designs were shared on instagram.

An entry was submitted every 3secs when the campaign was peaking.

Over 1 Million sneakerheads were reached.

The campaign achieved two new sales records in ANZ.

My Role:

  • Idea Development

  • Copywriting

  • Creative Direction

  • Art Direction

  • Graphic Design

The campaign needed a digital activation to get the conversation started about the new drops, but not one started by Foot Locker or Nike. We needed to give sneakerheads the power to start the conversation and create their own buzz.

Tune The Tuned delivered an app-like experience in browser – on desktop and mobile. It gave fans a blank 3D Tn sneaker they could fully customise, from the iconic 'fingers' that characterise the Tn design, to the famous shank and gradient upper.

The experience went live without any media and on the first day we had 3,000 entries from organic reach alone. The images above showcase some of the winners from the campaign shared to Instagram.

The campaign got even wider coverage as clever competitors exported their designs out of the tool and used their own tools to remix their creations, drawing inspiration from all corners of the pop culture stratosphere.

To date, the tool has been upgraded and reskinned each year since launch for a total of three local campaigns. The tool is now being modified again for a worldwide campaign extending across North America, Europe, Asia and Pacific.

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